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Pros And Cons Of Sharing An Apartment

Many of us have had to have roommates at some point in time, be it a family member, first year college roommate or willing friends looking for cheaper rent. Living with other people can be a great experience, but it can also be unfortunate! Here are a few pros and cons to sharing an apartment, from the emotional to the practical.

If you have ever been paired with a roommate you didn’t know you will understand the trepidation that comes with that first meeting during move-in day. Some of my classmates found lifelong best friends in their first year roommates.

I never heard from mine again after she switched schools halfway through our freshman year. Moving in with someone you don’t know can be a pro and a con; on the one hand you could meet an awesome friend and get along fantastically, or you could end up hating each other. When it comes straight down to it, it’s a matter of chance in this scenario.

The pros of sharing an apartment with a roommate is that if you two get along, you could really have a fun time living together. You can share the costs of common furniture items like couches, a TV, kitchen appliances, and groceries, or pool the items you already have together to furnish your apartment. You can agree on a cleaning schedule to balance apartment tasks between you and basically choose your own rules regarding how you two are going to coexist happily in your shared space.

Sharing an apartment with a roommate can be great for planning activities like game nights or dinner parties, especially if you have friends who get along with each other. In addition you can also set up a cooking schedule so that you share cooking duties with each other during the week.

If you are like me sharing an apartment with a roommate, even a friend, falls solidly in the ‘con’ department. I have successfully lived with roommates but, given the choice, would much rather live by myself! Unfortunately if you live with friends you might find yourself beginning to grow annoyed with some of the habits you didn’t know they had before you lived with them. Everyone has different expectations for various parts of life and you might find yourself disagreeing over the silliest things.

Sharing an apartment with someone who is a morning person when you’re a night owl can cause difficulties, especially if your work or school schedule is affected. Sharing an apartment with a roommate means having to be aware of the other person, compromise some of your freedom, and occasionally leave work early to unlock the door when they’ve forgotten their keys.

All things considered there are pros and cons to any living situation, and sharing an apartment with a roommate is no different. You might find that this works out wonderfully for you and your roommate, or you will figure out that living with other people isn’t something you want to do anymore.