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Top Reasons You Should Always Screen Tenants

There are many reasons why you should always screen your tenants, one of the reasons it is so important is you never know if someone has a criminal background or poor credit. If an occupant has a criminal record they could cause serious problems to other tenants which in turn can harm your reputation. A great way to make sure that your occupants are screened properly is to hire the services of a reputable property management company.

Poor Credit History

A main reason why you should screen your occupants is because of credit history. If a tenant has a history of missing rental payments then you should not want this tenant in your property. They may have a poor income, and not be able to make them consistently. This will hinder your investment, being something you want to avoid.

Keeps Your Property Safe

By screening a tenant, you can read up on their past experiences with other investors. If they have a history of property abuse then you know to avoid this tenant. Without tenant screening, you would be stuck with this tenant and you will lose money on your investment. Screening is a valuable tool to have, and you should always use it to your advantage.


Screening enables you to assess the liability of a tenant. For example, if this tenant commits a crime against another tenant, you could be sued for not performing a screen. This would have prevented the crime from happening, giving you every chance of securing quality tenants.

Long Lasting Tenants

Another reason why you should screen your tenants is because you can then determine if they are going to stay in your property. Tenants who come and go will again hinder your profits, and you will gain a much more steady income if you have a long lasting – quality tenant.

Type of Tenant

Another reason why tenant screening is useful is because you can then find out what type of tenant they are. For example, you may not want an excessively loud tenant who throws parties when you live in a quiet residential area. Screening is a great way to see whether your tenant is the right fit or not, giving you every chance of success with your investment.